The History Of Mini.


Formula One team owner and racing legend John Cooper saw it from the start: the motorsport in MINI’s DNA. The urge to sprint and race. He transformed the original Mini into a track-ready racer – the Mini Cooper. And took storm of the racing world.

Writing Motorsport History.

The John Cooper Works story has its roots in 1946. Charles Cooper and his son John founded the Cooper Car Company and built their first racing cars in Charles' small garage in Surbiton, England.

This humble beginning would ultimately change the course of motorsport, and help create a thriving worldwide racing legacy that still exists to this day. Not to mention the profound effect it would soon have on the classic MINI. Check out the excellent "John Cooper: Genius & Works", an exclusive documentary produced by Sky.

John Cooper Works – Stroke of genius

Putting The Driver First.

The Cooper Car Company first built single-seat Formula Three racing cars. These were hugely successful in the 500cc class due to their revolutionary rear engine.

This stroke of genius soon made the Cooper Car Company the choice for aspiring young drivers. John Cooper went on to win both the Formula One World Championship and Constructors Championship.

JCW – The first MINI Cooper

The Making Of A Legend.

After enjoying considerable success with his own car constructions, John Cooper became fascinated with the newly introduced classic MINI. Intrigued by its potential, he envisioned turning it into a champion racer.

With the addition of a more powerful engine, new brakes and sharper steering, he had soon transformed this modest little family car into a giant-slaying racing car. In 1961, the first MINI Cooper was born.

John Cooper – Master of his game

Defying All Convention.

Now, nothing could hold MINI back. John Cooper’s instinct had once again been spot on. He was the master of his game. A car for the ages had been created.

By 1964, MINI Cooper was a globally renowned marque. It won almost every competition imaginable – including historic wins at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967. MINI and John Cooper had developed the classic MINI into a winner that was vastly superior to its competitors.

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