Style Highlights.

Bring a taste of the track to the road with enticing alloy wheels, race-inspired sports seats and refined materials.


Here are a few of the great features you can look forward to with your selection.


Want to test the all-electric MINI Cooper?

Mini all-electric - test drive teaser Mini all-electric - test drive teaser


When it comes to range, the all-electric MINI Cooper has up to 400 km (WLTP). That’s more than enough for most trips you can imagine. It’s just a question of thinking how much range you use, and where you use it.

EVs operate a system known as regenerative braking. During the process, an EV’s braking system recaptures kinetic energy and converts it to electricity – effectively recharging its own battery. This system helps optimise an electric car’s efficiency, by requiring less effort to accelerate forward. So when you lift your foot off the pedal you automatically start braking, and you have the brake pedal as an extra means of slowing down. So it is arguably easier and much more efficient.

If you drive 100 km a day, you can charge the required energy at a DC fast charging station within 35 minutes. An AC charging station or home wallbox will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes and a simple household socket in 6 hours.

Yes, you can tailor your all-electric MINI Cooper to your taste with a wide variety of body paint colours. There’s also the option to really elevate your look with one of our special multitone roof colour gradients. You can build it further around your lifestyle with a whole host of options. For example, style levels are specially curated optional equipment packages that let you further tailor your all-electric MINI Cooper to your personal taste. The Essential style comes as standard. You can individualise the comfort, sportiness or style of your MINI with the Classic, Favoured or JCW style.