MINI Recharged mechanic working on the engine


MINI Recharged stripped-down dashboard
All the character of the classic Mini with an all-electric engine. Originating from a dedicated team at Plant Oxford, the MINI Recharged project breathes a new lease of life into our original icon…
MINI Recharged stripped-down engine bay


Old has never been so new. With MINI Recharged, we’re stripping out the combustion engine of the classic Mini – originally launched in 1959 – and replacing with a modern, all-electric drive. A carefully conserved charm and historical pedigree combine with a silent drivetrain, instant go-kart acceleration, range of around 99 miles, and (most importantly) zero driving emissions. It really is the best of both worlds.


At MINI, we’re committed to creating legendary cars that respect the planet. This involves rethinking the way we work in line with the principles of circular economy – using less, reusing more and minimising waste. Sounds like MINI, recharged. Right?

This is yet another way we’re futureproofing our sustainability strategy, extending the life of a traditional icon by replacing petrol engines and their emissions with pure electric energy. No new vehicles are being produced. Instead, much-loved existing cars are starting a second, more sustainable life.

MINI Recharged 3 cars undergoing upgrades inside garage
MINI Recharged Team


We have three people to thank for the genius of MINI Recharged: Duncan Balloch, Graham Carey and James Bailey. The trio’s idea was born even before the brand had the MINI Electric on offer. A one-off, classic Mini Electric was built in 2018 and presented at the New York Auto Show. The reactions were so positive that a dedicated team from MINI Plant Oxford set to work and developed the plan to make a corresponding offer available to customers who own a classic Mini.

The guys said, “Recharged was created from a passion for our heritage, but also for the future of MINI. What started as an idea quickly grew into a project with fantastic support across the MINI team. It’s been very exciting to see the initial response after we announced Recharged, we can’t wait to have the cars on the road and see the smiles from customers.

As the MINI Recharged project is currently in its development phase, we will be announcing further communications throughout the year, including pricing, technical information, customer journey and detail of the special one-off artist cars. Watch this (sustainable) space.