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What do you get when you mix two British icons? The MINI STRIP.

That’s right, we’ve teamed up with Paul Smith to create a custom-made, one-off MINI – all in the name of ‘simplicity, transparency and sustainability’. Paul shares our bold way of thinking when it comes to the future of innovation and design, so we knew he was the perfect partner. By stripping down a three-door MINI Electric to its essentials and working with recycled materials and 3D printing, we’ve created a car designed to spark ideas for a more sustainable future.

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Whilst it might not be green in colour, the MINI STRIP is certainly green in spirit. We’ve used environmentally friendly materials inside and out – including metal panels that have been 3D printed from recycled materials, a panoramic roof made from recycled Perspex, floor mats made from recycled rubber and interior detail made with recycled cork. Even the seating is made with fully recyclable knitted fabric (yep, no leather or chrome in sight). We’ve also included visible screws to show how easy it would be to dismantle and recycle the whole car.

As always, it’s all in the detail. Whilst we like to call it a ‘twinkle in the eye’, Paul calls it a ‘classic with a twist’ – there’s a neon green charging port, vibrant blue interior and, of course, we couldn’t go without the signature Paul Smith stripes…
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