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The wheels and tyres your MINI deserves.

A good set of wheels makes all the difference. Choose from our seasonal Summer and Cold Weather Complete Wheels, or choose our John Cooper Works Alloy Wheels for a truly bold look.

And of course, you’ll keep enjoying that go-kart handling experience. Because our tyres ensure the very best in performance and safety for your particular MINI. Spotting whether your tyres are MINI-approved is easy – simply look out for the star. MINI Star Marked Tyres are rigorously tested, and guarantee superb durability as well as high safety ratings. To order MINI Tyres, please contact your local MINI Centre who will be able to support your enquiry.


Our Original MINI Wheels and Tyres offer superior performance, whatever the weather. Because they’re designed to deliver high-class safety and the best possible grip, whether the road is dry, wet or even icy.
Summer wheels

Summer Complete Wheel Sets.

Our MINI Summer Complete Wheels offer all-round better performance in the warmer weather. They’re made from harder rubber compounds, so you’ll really feel the difference when it comes to handling and speed in the heat. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and forging technology mean you’ll enjoy greater control with shorter braking distances and better grip, whilst also experiencing increased agility.

All our tyres offer first-rate quality when it comes to handling and speed, no matter the weather.

Cold Weather Complete Wheel Sets.

Safer driving and better control in cold, wet, snowy and even icy conditions. Our Cold Weather Complete Wheel Sets are tailor-made to match your MINI model, perfectly complementing its iconic performance. So, when it starts to get colder, around 7°C and under, you’ll find our MINI Cold Weather Tyres provide greater traction and firmer braking.

MINI Winter tyres
Summer wheels

Alloy wheels.

Our Alloy Wheels range allow you to add an extra level of flair and personality to your MINI. From sporty John Cooper Works options to eye catching Jet Black spoke options. You can also rest assured that outstanding quality is maintained over the long term, as our wheels are subjected to comprehensive trials and tests in accordance with high MINI safety standards.

Specially-developed for your MINI.

Star marked tyre

Star marked tyres.

When it’s time to replace your MINI’s tyres, you want to be sure you’re getting the very best. And it doesn’t get much better than our Star Marked Tyres, developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers and designed to guarantee the best performance from your MINI. Check your tyres are approved quality by searching for the star emblem on the sidewall. It’s our seal of approval.

Run flat tyres

Run flat tyres.

Run Flat Tyres are available across a number of MINI models, offering enhanced safety and convenience. These smart tyres feature technology that increases rolling resistance and helps keep your car stable. Which means if you suddenly lose pressure, you can carry on driving at a consistent speed without damaging your wheels or car.

To order MINI Tyres, please contact your local MINI Centre who will be able to support your enquiry.

Going the extra mile for quality

Going the extra mile for quality.

We complete extensive, model-specific tests to ensure maximum safety and driving comfort. Which means you get to enjoy that iconic MINI go-kart experience with robust tyres that are perfectly matched to your particular MINI.

When it comes to EU regulations, our tyres don’t just meet the requirements. They exceed them. Every tyre we make endures the stringent tests, with up to 50 different quality criteria (whereas the standardised EU Tyre Label only demands only three criteria).

We go the extra mile to ensure our wheels and tyres are up to the task, testing factors such as wear and tear, braking distance, driving at high speeds and emergency-running properties to name just a few.