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Technology plays a big part in our everyday lives, providing ever-increasing levels of convenience and connectivity. Our latest range of seamlessly integrated Technology Accessories and Services allow you to take these benefits every time you get into your MINI, enhancing every moment you spend on the road.


From advanced navigation and in-car connectivity to stolen vehicle tracking options, check out some of our latest technology products and services available.

Head-up screen.

€499* fitted.

The MINI Head-up Screen is a new and innovative product that displays various car and navigation information on a transparent screen. The screen is installed on the dashboard and displays information directly in the driver’s field of vision, making it easy to keep your eyes on the road.

Advanced Car Eye.

Front €399* fitted.

Front and rear €499* fitted.

The MINI Advanced Car Eye is the eye witness you can always rely on. A full-HD camera system with light sensitive sensors ensures excellent recording quality during the day or night. The motion sensors allow automatic recording of video footage, even when parked. Because driving footage is stored for future reference, collecting evidence of critical driving situations is easier than ever. Front, or front and rear facing cameras are available.

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Navigation Map updates.

The MINI Navigation System is always on hand to guide you quickly and effectively to your destination. However, as road networks are constantly changing, keeping your map software up-to-date is vital to ensure you stay on track, allowing you to sit back and just enjoy the drive. Updating to the latest navigation maps will ensure you:

  • Find the latest fuel stops, hotels and restaurants
  • Navigate new streets, including residential and industrial areas across the UK, Ireland and Europe
  • Save fuel and time with up-to-date traffic routing

Click & Drive System with Portable Navigation XL.

€379* fitted.

The Click & Drive System comprises a base carrier for navigation devices that combines functionality and design in a unique way. The swivelling cradle is optimally positioned so that the driver always has the navigation device in their field of vision while driving.


The Portable Navigation XL features active lane guidance, automatic voice recognition and an innovative split screen function. These two products combined make the perfect co-driver. 

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Keep your MINI safe from even the most tech-savvy car thieves. Trackstar is the only MINI-approved stolen vehicle recovery product, the system utilises GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications), along with an integrated motion detector. If your MINI goes missing, the Trackstar Control Centre will be able to locate it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can have complete peace of mind.

Trackstar Cat 6 €699 (including 1 year annual subscription)

  • Find the latest fuel stops, hotels and restaurants
  • Navigate new streets, including residential and industrial areas across Ireland, the UK and Europe
  • Save fuel and time with up-to-date traffic routing
  • Subscription costs*: Annual €240, Three year €699.00


We really mean it when we say that we’re there for you. Wherever you are, we’re right by your side. MINI Teleservices is a collection of innovative and intelligent features which deliver greater convenience and efficient servicing processes. And what’s more, Teleservices is standard on MINI Hatch & Clubman models from March 2016 and Convertible models from July 2016.

Automatic TeleService call.

As soon as a service is needed, all the service related data will be transmitted from your vehicle via Automatic Teleservice Call. Your preferred MINI Centre will retrieve this data, analyse it and arrange an appointment with you. This allows your preferred MINI Centre to be better prepared for your visit by pre-ordering any spare parts which may be required.


Your benefits:

  • You are free to concentrate on the nicer things in life. You’ll be reminded of service appointments immediately.
  • Optimum preparations mean that forthcoming work can be carried out more effectively and you can avoid spending long periods waiting without your MINI.

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Battery Guard.

If the charge level of the battery drops below a critical threshold, the MINI Teleservice Battery Guard will become active. If the reason for activation can be attributed to a technical fault or electrical component, your MINI Centre will be notified immediately.


Your benefits:

  • Stay in the driving seat. Battery problems are detected faster – and resolved faster.
  • You can avoid unnecessary disruptions and benefit from greater security. Your Centre will be notified in critical situations and can prepare more effectively for the necessary checks.

Breakdown Call.

If you notice a malfunction in your MINI, the Teleservice Breakdown Call function allows you to contact Roadside Assistance directly from your car. 


Your benefits:

  • Call function will help in every situation, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • Roadside Assistance agents can gain a detailed picture of the condition of your MINI remotely based on data transmitted directly from your vehicle.

The technology does not stop there…

We have a wide range of adapters, connectors and chargers to suit your needs when you are on the go. You can entertain rear passengers with the MINI Travel & Comfort base carrier and iPad holder, or capture some driving footage with the GoPro holder which also utilises the Travel & Comfort System.


Your local MINI Centre will be happy to discuss the variety of tech-related Accessories available to you. 

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*at participating Retailers only.