MINI Countryman E


Style Highlights.

Bring a taste of the track to the road with enticing alloy wheels, race-inspired sports seats and refined materials.


Here are a few of the great features you can look forward to with your selection.

MINI Countryman E MINI Experience Modes
MINI Countryman E Driving Assistant
MINI Countryman E Heated Steering Wheel
MINI Countryman E Alarm System
MINI Countryman E MINI Experience Modes

MINI Experience Modes

Immerse yourself in a compelling orchestration of light and sound. Choose from up to eight MINI Experience Modes and transform your interior into a new sensory experience. Each mode has its own creative design, colour, dynamic background and sound palette. Flick the switch in the toggle bar and personalise your surroundings to how you're feeling. Core, Go-kart and Green come as standard – and four optional modes – Personal, Timeless, Vivid and Balance – give you more ways to see, hear and feel your mood in the cockpit. An optional light projector on the back of the MINI Interaction Unit bathes the whole dash in colours and patterns to match the Experience Mode selected. And the optional Head-up Display also adapts to the mode you have chosen.

MINI Countryman E Driving Assistant

Driving Assistant

Like having an extra pair of eyes. The camera and radar-based Driving Assistant warns you from a speed of 20 km/h or more about vehicles in the “blind spot” and if needed actively supports steering your MINI back into the lane. In addition it helps detecting crossing traffic behind you when you are reversing with your MINI. It also helps preventing accidents in the rear e.g. by warning approaching traffic by flashing your MINI ‘s hazard lights. Last but not least it warns you when you open the door for exiting your MINI in case there is a risk of a collision with traffic passing by from the back (e.g. a cyclist). Please note that the systems contained in this equipment only provide assistance within specifically defined limits. Drivers bear the final responsibility to adapt their driving to respond to the traffic conditions. Subject to country-specific regulations.

MINI Countryman E Heated Steering Wheel

Heated Steering Wheel

Cooler than you might think. Steering wheel heating gets the rim of your steering wheel to a comfortable temperature in a very short time. So in the winter months, this will keep your hands warm as you drive and make your daily commute or road trip a far more pleasant experience. When it comes to environmental friendlyness also a cool feature. Much more efficient than to heat up the whole interior, especially on short trips.

MINI Countryman E Alarm System

Alarm System

Enjoy extra protection against theft, and greater peace of mind should anyone attempt to break into or remove your MINI. This alarm system responds to changes of position and vibrations by triggering a warning sound and activating the flashing hazard lights. A light in the interior mirror shows the system has been activated.


Packages available


At 13cm longer and 8cm taller the new MINI Countryman is the biggest MINI ever. In fact, it’s MINI taken to the max in every sense, with more space for adventures and more power to get you there. Whatever you’ve got planned, the new MINI Countryman has you covered.

The new MINI Countryman starts from € 41,605. The price will vary depending on how you customise your MINI and which level of trim you go for. Choose from Classic, Sport or Exclusive.

The new MINI Countryman is MINI taken to the max. Big, bold, rugged and refined, our most grown-up MINI yet is built for adventure. It’s also super comfortable, with tailored design features and tactile fabrics, MINI Experience Modes that let you transform the look and feel of your cockpit, and a dash featuring a stunning circular OLED touchscreen.

The new MINI Countryman is available as a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive. For off-road adventures, the ALL4 all-wheel drive system distributes power evenly and gives you terrain-tracking traction and grip on any surface. So you’ll always be in your element, whatever nature throws at you.

A. It’s available as both. For the very first time the new MINI Countryman comes as an all-electric vehicle. Want to electrify your adventures? Explore the electric SUV here.