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Every single one of our cars is special. But there are some MINIs that give the word a whole new meaning. Since 1976, we’ve been (very) carefully crafting a collection of limited edition MINIs, packed with unique materials, exclusive paint colours and otherwise unavailable model-specific features. Some might say they’re the crème de la MINI.


Let’s head back 45 years, when the very first special edition Mini was released: the Mini 1000 Stripey LE. As the name suggests, striped fabric seat covers were the standout feature of this classic Mini – and we’ve been thinking up wonderful and wacky special editions ever since. 30 to be exact!

A seriously talented design team of around 20 people tackles each new special edition, working on its unique inspiration and standout features. There was the MINI One Graphite in metallic Dark Silver Paint, and the MINI Soho, inspired by London’s West End. There was also the MINI 60 Years anniversary edition, which sported the iconic shade of British Racing Green and track-ready racing stripes. Which of the 30 was your favourite?

MINI Special Editions Stripey
MINI Special Editions White


Wondering about the latest members of the MINI special edition fleet? Meet the MINI Editions – three Special Editions across five models that are all about letting differences shine. The Resolute Edition is a Hatchback and Convertible that shouts racing heritage, the Clubman Untold Edition is synonymous with sophisticated style, and the Countryman Untamed Edition is a rugged SUV that’s ready for any adventure.

Each Edition flaunts a unique paint finish, statement alloy wheels and one-off decorative delights both inside and out. From the exclusive bronze design elements of the Resolute Edition, to the stylish Sage Green finish of the Untold Edition, to the Untamed Edition’s Highland Green upholstery – these are some super special MINIs.


Nobody said creating a limited edition MINI was easy. In fact, it can take three whole years for the initial spark of an idea to turn into a road-ready model. Once a theme is established, extensive workshops take place to decide the car’s special features, before the designers get to work creating mood boards and setting up samples. Three concepts are then presented to the man in charge – MINI’s Chief Designer, Oliver Heilmer – who will eventually take one on to the roads.

And what is he looking for? Not an edition that chases a trend but an edition that sets one. That’s why you’ll find the MINI Design Studio full to the brim with designers busy testing out pioneering paint colours, leather samples and new fabrics – to create a car that’s unmistakably MINI but completely unique. What will they magic up next?

MINI Special Editions Materials Selection