A MINI Cooper S in British Racing Green with two white racing stripes down the front


Ask anyone which colour comes to mind when they think of MINI and they’ll likely answer, “that dark green”. But how did “British Racing Green” (as those in the know call it) become part and parcel of the history of motor racing, and why does it remain inextricably linked to MINI today?


Let’s go back to 1902, when it was England’s first time to host the prestigious Gordon Bennet Motor Cup (the predecessor to today’s Grand Prix). Despite the excitement, they soon ran into a problem. The national speed limit was just 12mph – which was a snail’s pace, even back then.

So, they moved the race to Ireland, a country free from speed limits but rich with glorious greenery. And according to legend, British racers painted their cars in homage to the green isle for hosting the race. British Racing Green (or BRG) was born.

An illustration of two old racing cars in blue and green at a Gordon Bennet Cup
John Love in 1962 won with his green car. The British Saloon Car Championships, known today as the British Touring Car Championship.


Fast forward a few decades, and British Racing Green could be seen at many major racing events. In 1959 and 1960, Jack Brabham secured the Formula 1 title in two cars built by John Cooper, designer of the Mini Cooper. No prizes for guessing their colour. Another famous victory was John Love in 1962, when his (BRG) car won the British Saloon Car Championships.


Over the years, we’ve subtly tweaked British Racing Green to become lighter, brighter, and fresher, without losing its instant familiarity and rich history. We also introduced ‘Rebel Green’, a darker shade that maintains the style and authenticity of the racetrack.

And it seemed only fitting to celebrate six decades of working with the Cooper family by launching a special edition model in tribute to John Cooper himself. It was, you guessed it, British Racing Green, with unique white racing stipes down the bonnet.

An illustration of a map, with silhouettes of Ireland and Great Britain


Someone designing a MINI Cooper S in British Racing Green on a computer screen using a tablet

British Racing Green firmly remains parts of our DNA today. In fact, all our new models are available in this classic shade, including the MINI Electric. Talk about tradition meets innovation.

That’s not all. The super-sporty MINI John Cooper Works range is available in both the bright BRG and the darker Rebel Green, while our newly unveiled MINI Resolute Edition celebrates our racing heritage with a Rebel Green body and sophisticated design accents. 

How will we next show our love for this iconic shade of green? You’ll have to wait and see…