MINI Pat Moss


To celebrate International Women’s Day, we felt now was a fitting time to retell the story of legendary racing driver, Pat Moss. A true pioneer, her story continues to inspire us all – including the many women that make MINI what it is today.


Not all heroes wear suits. In her Mini Cooper, Pat Moss was one of the first and most successful female rally drivers of all time. Back in 1962, she swapped horse riding for car racing and made motorsport history by scoring MINI’s first international rally victory at the 2,500km Tulip Rally in Monte Carlo, alongside her co-pilot, Ann Wisdom. Go girls!

At a time when racing was almost entirely dominated by men, the duo – together known as “Mossie” and “Wizz” – proved they could compete with (and beat) men on the track. We’d love to have seen the sceptics when a tiny Mini driven by a woman crossed the finish line first. One of the boys? No. Better!

We’re chuffed to see that there are more female rally drivers on the track today – such as British driver Catie Munnings and Spain’s Cristina Gutiérrez Herrero – who share Pat’s passion for racing and continue to drive for more diversity in the sport.

MINI Pat Moss MINI Pat Moss
MINI Pat Moss MINI Pat Moss


Since the trailblazing triumphs of Pat Moss, amazing women continue to make
MINI the brand we know and love. One of these is MINI Brand Leader Stefanie Wurst, who’s all about making MINI as sustainable as she can. As well as looking after the planet, she believes that “a modern brand must be meaningful, positive and constantly evolving." We like her style.

What better way to celebrate 60 years since Pat Moss’ legendary Tulip Valley win than with her very own MINI. Female designer Morgane Bavagnoli crafted the Pat Moss Edition in her honour, while Lina Fischer took care of its photoshoot, using a female photographer, editor and models.

She told us, "I am proud to have worked on this project together in a team with such strong and inspiring women.”Morgane also worked her magic on the head-turning MINI Electric Pacesetter and the recently revealed MINI Countryman Untamed Edition. Check out our current special edition MINIs below.

Pat Moss Edition

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of her win at the Tulip Rally in the Netherlands, MINI has released the Pat Moss Edition to honour this legendary rally driver. Thanks to her fearless and unconventional approach to life, Pat Moss has never lost her relevance as an icon for female empowerment. Her story deserves to be told every day, not only on International Women’s Day.
MINI Pat Moss

We wouldn’t get far without you. From rally racing heroine Pat Moss to those who help make MINI the brand it is, here’s to the women that make a difference every day.